“Every piece of wood has a story
to tell...
a beauty to share.”


Commissioned work is an excellent way to appreciate and honor the tradition of fine woodwork. Explore this website for styles and pieces that reflect your needs and tastes. It is important to take stock of your needs and desires in detail. Outline the specifics of your project and consider your priorities.

  • Do you have sketches or pictures of the style?
  • Are certain design motifs preferred?
  • Do you prefer light or dark colored wood?
  • How do you want the finish to look?
  • How will it be used?
  • What sizes and dimensions are important?

Once you have put to paper these issues you are ready to contact Jeffrey. He is always eager to meet with people and welcomes the challenge inherent in custom work and solving problems. All purchases will include, in the buyer’s name, a 5% donation to either The Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation or Child-Rite Adoption Agency of New Mexico.

There will be an additional charge for packaging/crating and shipping based on size and weight. Any questions please feel free to email or call 575-758-0817.